I recently paid off my car in full and it seems like the universe is pushing me to get a new car. I have had my eye on a Lexus RX350 (and the RX300 before that) as my dream car and I even set up a mini savings account in ING so that I could one day get one. Since the day that I paid off my car it seems I have been seeing the Lexus EVERYWHERE I go…driving on the highway there is one in front of me or just behind me or to the left (yes I drive in the right lane on the highway!!!!)

I see commercials for the new one when watching television online….someone comes to visit the neighbors and they are driving one and park in my spot!!!! But I don’t make a big fuss because the Lexus RX350 is soooooooooooooooo $exy.

Then recently, my Check Engine light comes on and I live 1.5 hours away from the regular mechanic. Now I have to haul myself to some place to find out what the light means (and yes I did check the gas cap to make sure it was not that) and quite possibly spend some money on getting the problem fixed.

Or I could just buy my Lexus!!!!

UPDATE: I got the light diagnosed from Auto Zone for FREE!!!! They said it was some kind of air filter that went bad and all it would do is to lower my gas mileage until I got it replaced.

They told me I could wait until my next oil change to get the filter replaced (they could not do it at Auto Zone) and they even gave me a price estimate so I could be sure I was not overcharged.