How YOU can get a Grand Central invite and Save Money on your Phone Bill

I recently wrote a post about how to use Grand Central to lower your telephone bill. I got an overwhelming response to the post from people who wanted invitations to use the service since it is on an invitation only phase right now.

I am sorry to say that I am all out of Grand Central invites for now but if you head over to Baz site you can link up with him to get one of these hot invites.? He is currently running a promotion where you can get one of the invites by simply linking back to his blog.

You can link back by linking to a particular post or by adding the site to your blogroll. Act now to get YOUR Grand Central invite while there are still some left.

Author: Lulu

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  1. GrandCentral is a great idea and I had an invite but was unable to activate my phone number.

    To activate, you go to a specific page on their website. They call your number while displaying a two-digit code on your screen.

    When you answer the phone, you enter the two-digit code into the phone.

    But I am using a dialup connection on a single phone line, so when GC calls, my phone is busy.

    How am I supposed to activate it?

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  2. Do you have a cell phone that you could have it sent to? Or how about going to the library (or doing it at work?) where you will have the separate lines?

    I used a cellphone so I did not have your issue.

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  3. I don’t have a cell phone and don’t have internet access at work. I don’t see how it can be done at the library because there’s no phone there to key the two-digit code into.

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  4. Pease send me an invite….thanks

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