Not Sure If I Want Kids And I REALLY Want People To Stop Harassing Me About It

Lately I have been getting a lot of pressure about having children and it is mainly from my coworkers. My father has mentioned his lack of grandkids more than once, especially since HIS brother already has a couple from my cousin.

I am my father’s only child so I am really getting a lot of pressure from him, although I think if he was so serious about having grandchildren then he should have raised his odds by having more than one child right?

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I keep thinking that if my mother were still alive then I would be more open to having children because she would be around to help me with the pregnancy and the baby and all that.

In any case having a child is a BIG decision (or at least it SHOULD be) and that is just not a decision I want to make right now. I think that if I were absolutely sure then I would have a child but since I have doubts (for various reasons) then I should not rush into that just because EVERYONE else thinks I should.

Author: Lulu

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  1. Excellent decision. I’m the oldest of two and even though my brother has 2 children my mom always harassed me. I’m still open to having children if the circumstances are right but my alarm clock is going off so if I doesn’t happen, I’m fine with that too.

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  2. Having children is such a major decision in one’s life. If you’re not ready or feel you don’t want a child, do NOT have one. If you have a child for the sole purpose of one’s parents begging for one (or your partner), resentment plays the biggest role in your lives (more often than not). I have known two people that had children when they should have and although they don’t openly admit it, their actions scream “regret” where parenting is concerned. Times are different these days and having children isn’t the main flag to show your accomplishment(s) in life as it once was – we have careers, we have major goals, we have things that come in the ways! Children are a total blessing, but unfortunately once you have them, living a balanced life is very difficult to do where EVERYTHING ELSE is concerned. I’ve been a mama for eight years now and I’m just now learning the ins and outs of maintaining organization in the home, pleasantly balancing a full time career that doesn’t effect everything else and things of like. It takes time and for some, that isn’t enough. Just keep doing what you do and everything will continue working out as it should. Pops can wait 😉

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    • Thanks for sharing that with us Jylie. I feel that having a child is a BIG responsibility and I want to give my child everything that I did not have growing up. I cannot afford all the things that I have in mind so I think I can hold off still.

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  3. It really should be your decision, and everyone else around you will ultimately realize that! Stand by the decisions of what you want.


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  4. thats a big decision … and involves lot of responsibilities which are lifelong and cannot be denied … one should take when one feels ready . but some responsibilities should be taken for the happiness or others … elders in ur case

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  5. Thank goodness i am not being pressured. I would crack I haven’t even thought about it. It is a major decision.

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  6. You should never let anyone pressure you into something you are not ready for, especially children. Your doing the right thing, the right time will be when you decide it.

    – Robert

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