How Being Lazy Cost Me $200!!!!

I am so STUPID!!! I was feeling too sick to carry the laptop home like we are supposed to every day. I decided to leave mine in my desk..and over the weekend the school was broken into and the laptop was stolen.

The thieves also made off with ALL the student laptops which are kept in locked cabinets…by bending the doors of the cabinets.

One other laptop belonging to a staff member was also stolen out of a desk. The reason I feel so stupid is twofold:

1. It will cost me $200

2. We had been sent an email about using our security cables when we were leaving the laptops at work.

I could have used the cable to secure the laptop to the desk and that might have deterred the thieves. The thing is that I was just too lazy because it is not easy to find a way to secure my laptop to my desk because the handles are awkwardly placed.

The school has insurance that covers the laptop…but there is a $200 fee to staff who get their laptops stolen out of negligence.

I was OBVIOUSLY negligent since there was a prior breakin that we were told about and I could have

1. taken the laptop home or

2. used the cable, awkward as it might have been.

It might have taken me about 5 minutes to find a way to secure the computer to the desk but I did not feel good so I did not want to take the time. I also did not want to carry the laptop because it is bulky and heavy.

I feel so stupid and although the principal told me not to worry about it I have no idea if she is thinking I am a big old [email protected]$$ for leaving my computer unsecured over the weekend.

Have you ever done something STUPID like this that not only cost your company money, cost you money AND made you feel stupid?

Author: Lulu

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  1. How frustrating (on many levels!) Unfortunately, it could happen to any of us. I hope that it is some consolation that you’re not the only one, the school has insurance coverage, and in a few years you will have (mostly) forgotten all about it.

    Hope today is better!

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    • Yes I am glad that it is all covered….but I do feel so silly since mine getting stolen was my fault.

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  2. Hey Lulu!
    Sorry to hear about your laptop! That sucks! And it sucks a thief would steal from a SCHOOL! HORRIBLE! I have a short story for you to make you feel better!

    A couple months ago, my son fell onto his train table and got a nasty cut right next to his eye. I freaked out because I thought his eye was hurt, so I took him to the ER. The doctors and nurses were all like “it’s nothing.” Blah blah blah. They gave him liquid stiches and we went on our way.

    A couple weeks later we got a bill for $400! I didn’t realize it, but with our insurance, we have to pay $400 for our first two ER visits AND THEN then have a $25 co-pay. During my medical/insurance research, I found out that my son’s doctor has urgent care so we could have just gone there for a $25 co-pay. So essentially, I wasted $375. But at least we got our son care which is the important thing.

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    • They think the thief was one of the students. They had knowledge of where everything was and this happened before.

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  3. It’s not your fault since even locked cabinets became useless, anyway.

    My company gave me a laptop but I never took it to work. Yes, as you said, it’s heavy, and why do I need an extra laptop when I already have a desktop?

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  4. You have a great blog here =) Thanks for sharing about yourself…

    I don’t know what would happen if my laptop was stollen. After reading this post, I need to hunt for some personal insurance…. Even though I am struggling too, I don’t have much but what I do have I would feel the same way you felt if it was taken from me.

    I hope everything works out for you!
    TaWana Stegall

    TaWana Stegall’s last blog post..IP Address Revealed!

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  5. That sucks! I’m sorry about your bad luck! I read a post at Dog Ate My Finances about stuff getting stolen…plus, I had a friend who had her apartment and car broken into recently. What the heck?!

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  6. That really sucks. I’m glad there’s insurance, though. Hopefully, it’ll lead to a brand new computer!! Good luck.

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