Tracking My Finances In 2009: October Recap

I came in under budget for October by just barely $43.27. Ouch!!! But it could be $1 and I would be happy just knowing that I am in the black for one more month and making progress on reducing debts.

I went way over budget in the food category because I sort of lost my mind and ate a lot of Taco Bell. I know this is not an excuse but I was sick a lot and just felt too lazy to cook so I ended up running to T.B. to get things to eat during the week.

I also technically went over the credit card category by making a big snowflake payment to the LASIK card so that I could get rid of the balance on it. I will be making the final payment to the LASIK card this month and will start the new year free of that debt.

I was also over the car budget because I bought new tires and I will be getting the second set of tires this month as well. This money is coming out of savings so I am not increasing debt but it just means that the emergency fund is dwindling. I will NOT take money out of my Never Go Back To Fresno Fund but my emergency fund just looks sad right now.

Author: Lulu

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  1. Congrats on coming under budget! Whoo hoo!

    It’s all about PROCESS, and once you have the right process i place, you’ll be rolling in dough in NO TIME! 🙂

    I haven’t spent any money on stuff other than food and my bus pass (haha) in 61 days, and I love it!


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    • Wow!!! How did you manage that in two months? No rent? No bills?

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  2. Yeah Taco Bell can be addicting. Don’t blame yourself, lol.

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  3. congrats! I think as long as you are mindful of your budget and making the effort to stay under you will in the long run do well. And don’t be too hard on yourself. TB is comfort food and being sick is a good excuse!

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  4. Congratulations on balancing your budget so well. Sometimes it’s so difficult those little temptations that we come across. It’s great that you have all things planned so well. Good luck next month!

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  5. Good Job!! Keep up the good work. Give yourself some credit! Visualize, Internalize and claim that your debt will soon reach $0.00.


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  6. Spending money is very easy.
    Congratulations on balancing your budget.
    And keep up the good work.

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