Revisiting Old Posts: LASIK Experiences

Hello everyone,

Every so often I like to revisit an old post. Recently my eyes have been bothering me. My eyesight is suffering because I spend SO much time staring at a computer screen.

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I decided to revisit my LASIK eye surgery posts because of the issues with my eyes lately. I loved the results of my surgery but hated the process. I always said I didn’t think I could go through the process again if my eyesight started to fail again.

Now that I think about it I did get ten good years of great vision from the surgery. I now think I would do it again just avoid contacts and glasses for a little while longer.

Currently my eyes are nowhere as bad as they were before I got my surgery. I think my eyes are at the point where I could get by with contact lenses or glasses. I have not gotten an eye test yet but I will need to quite soon.

Author: Lulu

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  1. Interesting as I’m kind of in the same boat. I had LASIK in 2000 and it kept me with perfect vision until around 2014-15 or so. I don’t think what I have now is related to the LASIK, but I’m not sure if I would have had it now had I not had LASIK. I guess I’ll have to ask that next time I go in for an eye checkup as I definitely need stronger glasses. But I’m the same as you, the 14 years of glasses free living I got was worth the cost for me.

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    • Yours lasted 14 years!!!! I am so jealous of you since mine only lasted 10 ha ha. I hope whatever you are dealing with can be easily (and cheaply) fixed!!! Let us know in a blog post.

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