Still Looking For A Job

So I am still looking for a job and it is harder than I thought. I have joined a number of job boards and posted my resume in a few different places. I got referrals from people who thought there might be openings but all I was told is they will keep my resume on file.

I have gotten  a TON of rejections and they mainly stem from two major issues:

-I am overqualified

-I lack experience

It is so extremely frustrating to be overqualified for some of the jobs that I am interested in and for the hiring managers to exclude me based on that. Since the salary is posted I know what I will be getting paid so does it really matter. If I want to work for that…and the pay is about what I was making at my last job, I did not look at low paying jobs…..then why not hire me.

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It is even more frustrating to be told that I do not have X number of years of experience in the jobs that I am qualified for. I am getting really frustrated right now on top of all the other issues that surround this job hunt and I need to get something soon before I lose my mind.

Luckily I have not had to dip into the emergency fund yet because my salary was still coming in….I am glad I chose the 12-month-small-paycheck option instead of the 10-month-large-paycheck option when I signed on at my last job.

It has technically only been one month since I have not worked but it feels like FOREVER. I know that people have been unemployed for months and months but I really need to get a new job before the end of August so keep me in your prayers!

Author: Lulu

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  1. I went through the same thing when I was out of work. But I didn’t always get feedback, or a simple notice of receipt.

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    • I don’t know which is worse…seeing all the rejections or not getting a response.

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    • Try out of work for nearly three years!

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  2. Yes it is a very competitive job market these days. I think for better results you have to go above and beyond to get the attention of prospective employers. When there are so many applicants, they can afford to be choosy. If companies are rejecting you for being overqualified, perhaps you need to do a better job of convincing them that the position is still very suitable for you. Good luck!

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  3. With the unemployment rates going more and more high it’s really difficult to find a good job these days, hope you find one soon

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  4. I find this sad for students who are often overqualified but do not get a job. Why do they ask us to study if we cant get the job we want?

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  5. Last winter I was unemployed for about 2 months and it was thee longest 2 months of my life. Way too much time on my hands even though I was active volunteering and job searching, and it was hard to say no to doing things because you didn’t want to tap into your emergency funds. Good luck and hang in there!

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    • Could be much longer out of work. At end of September I will have bee out of work three years! Yes, Obama was president when I last worked!

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  6. Oh, I am sure you will get a job soon… just keep looking and you will land on a good one!

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  7. I’ve always found it odd as to how a person can be over qualified for a job. I would of thought for sure that it would be a good thing. If I was an employer I would be more than happy to hire someone that is overqualified as I know that will mean the best performance for my company.


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  8. Dont worry you will get a job soon, Stay cool

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