Should I Get The Lexus RX350

I recently wrote a post about the universe wanting me to have a new car and it was meant as more of a joke than anything else, because my current car runs quite well. I only have 80K miles on it and my last car went to 147K before it completely broke down on me.

While I wrote the post in a joking manner…(seriously do I think the UNIVERSE wants me to get a new car?), I think that some people thought I was being serious and was ready to go out and plop down my life savings on a brand new car that very day.

The Lexus RX350 is my dream car and I have been in love with the Lexus SUVs from the time I saw the Lexus RX300. My other $sexy cars are the 2006 Mitsubishi Outlander (my dream before the Lexus) and the Nissan Murano. I love the body style of those vehicles and although I have never driven any of them they are what I would consider the next time I want to buy a vehicle. Of course when I do decide to buy, being the frugal person that I am, I most definitely WILL buy a USED vechicle.

I am saving money now in my Car Fund in ING now that I am completely debt free (yes I love saying that) so that when I do decide to buy a vehicle I can get the one I want.

I am prepared to do the following:

I am prepared to research my ‘new’ car even more thoroughly than I did the current car because I know I will be spending more this time. I am prepared to haggle.

I am prepared to seek alternate funding.

I am prepared to negotiate with the dealer.

I am prepared to make a BIG downpayment on my vehicle.

I am prepared to reject the financing offer made by the dealer because I will have already secured a lower rate before OR even have the cash to purchase the car outright.

I am not prepared to do the following:

I am not prepared to change my mind and get something else that the dealer wants to steer me towards.

I am not prepared to get a vehicle that I do not love.

I am not prepared to simply get a vehicle because it looks nice on the outside.

I am not prepared to go into a mountain of debt just to have a brand new car.

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In my mind part of the reason I save is so that I can afford the things I really want. I love lobster, so while they cost $24.99 for two I know that I cannot eat lobster every day. I have built it into my budget and I can afford to buy a box every month or so…mainly because I eat so many meatless meals anyway.

Yes I will buy store brand milk but I will not use anything but Oil of Olay or Garnier Fructis on my skin. I allocate spending on low priced and expensive and move budgeted amounts around so I can get what I want, when I want it.

So while the Lexus is my dream car it is not something I am going to get even in the next year…unless I win the lottery!!!!!!!

Author: Lulu

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  1. Great post!! 🙂 I can totally relate and I agree with not settling on things that are really important to you – let’s hope we both get a share of the lottery winnings!

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    • I know there are cheaper nice cars out there…but this is the one that I really WANT.
      I practically salivate when I see it.

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  2. Something tells me that you don’t even play the lottery. Hahaha!

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    • I don’t. You know me so well. But if I did and I won, I would so be driving in style!!!!!

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  3. Good to hear that you do not intend on buying that new vehicle anytime soon. A luxury vehicle simply isn’t worth it, especially if you have to strictly budget to afford it. People buy luxury vehicles to show off their money. There’s not really any reason that a budget minded person needs that kind of luxury. So when you get closer to buying a new vehicle, seriously consider how much you have to sacrifice to get that dream purchase.

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  4. I was driving this car for about a month when my boss loaned it to me. I felt like I was sinking comfortably in a leather sofa even when i hit 6000rpm. I also took it for a spin in a basement carpark where there are many pillars acting acting as my dividers. Handles very well for a SUV. Overall, a very nice ride.

    I would truly consider buying the RX350 if I have a lot of money to spare. For now though, I will just stick with my 2nd hand Corolla.

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  5. If this is something you really want, go for it! I would never advice an ardent sports fan to NOT get a large HDTV! Life isn’t all about toil!

    But, you will have to cut back on something else to keep the balance. As I see it, you are not taking an impulsive decision. You’ve obviously thought this through and are diligently saving for it. Don’t feel guilty!

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