How I Save Money Toilet Paper Talks

I read two great posts that indirectly related to saving money on toilet paper.

Why Use A Few Sheets When A Wad Will Do at Master Your Card and

Can You Spare A Square? at WiseBread.

I thought those two were very funny and well written and they are about a topic that still seems to be taboo. I remember when I wrote about saving money by buying toilet paper in bulk and what I learned about hospital toilet paper and how some people reacted to those thoughts.

I personally purchase Angel Soft toilet paper for use in my home because it is cheap and it still feels good. I always try to save money on items but not at the cost of irritating my skin. Angel Soft works and it feels good and it saves money so why not.

Some of the commenters brought up using baby wipes (I do this sometimes) and the various pros and cons attached. Other commenters spoke about using cloth reusable wipes (not for me!!!) and washing them in batches.

Baby Wipes

I use baby wipes sometimes because I find that they do make you feel cleaner and fresher than using ordinary toilet paper sometimes. Go ahead and try it and see.
On a point of order, use the regular toilet paper like you normally would and THEN give a quick swipe with the baby wipe. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

Cloth Wipes

Some people spoke about using cloth wipes which are simply strips of cloth that are used and then placed in a bin or some other receptacle and then washed when there is a big enough pile. Now before you go turning up your noses in disgust the cloth wipes have been compared to cloth diapers which are treated in the same manner.
While this is certainly a green way to go I do not think that is something I am willing to try. I am just thinking about the buildup of germs and the prewashing etc..and that is only for #1.


Until recently, I thought that a bidet was for the washing of the ‘lady parts’ when taking a bath was not an option. After reading the two posts above and doing some more research I found out just how ignorant I had been. It seems that in many places people use a bidet INSTEAD of toilet paper. They use the toilet and then hop on the bidet and wash off.

This is interesting in a weird sort of way and I can no longer think of bidets in the way I used to.


It was also brought to my attention that in some areas people simply use their hands to wipe after using the toilet and then immediately wash the hands. That is they swipe with their bare hands….no toilet paper involved.

Again this is one method I do not think I will be adopting since it pains me to even get my hand slightly wet if I don’t grab enough toilet paper. I cannot bear to think of doing #2 and opting not to use the tp.

Do you manage your toilet paper use?

Do you use baby wipes?

Would you use a bidet?

Author: Lulu

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  1. Wow, talk about a unique blog post! Personally, the only thing I would consider is baby wipes. Cloth wipes just sound gross, and you might spend more in the bleach you will need to get those stains out!

    I had to look up what a bidet was, pretty much what I thought it was… I don’t see how that could be effective for “cleaning” after number 2… then you are left with wet parts, which would feel kinda strange when you put your underwear back on.

    And using your hands? Please tell me that suggestion was a joke! hahaha

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  2. You will find in Japan that they combine the toilet and bidet together, after all it is about conserving space in Japan and efficiency.

    They even have toilets that are on remote control with air blowers so it can wash your business and air dry it. How is that for energy conservation?

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  3. I have been finding some interesting things about the technology in Japan. Sounds great!!!
    I love technology.

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  4. @ Shawn:
    Hey I was just reading up on what people suggested. But I also found out that in some cultures they use the Left hand specially for bathroom business. That is why if you want to offend someone you offer to shake with the left instead of the Right. (sucks to be left-handed there I guess).

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  5. I think in different parts of the world they have traditions and customs in using tp.

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  6. I think it is easy to be seduced by expensive loo roll because it is supposed to be softer. I am happy with the cheapest that my supermarket can offer. It is not as soft as the dearer stuff but I begrudge paying money for something I just chuck down the loo. Saying that, I am not so cross about paying the money that I would consider using my hands….I would probably end up using so much soap that the cost would be more!

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  7. I also won’t be looking at bidets quite the same way. To think, my parents used to have one, makes me wonder…

    I can see cloth wipes being popular. I mean, if you live in an area where the vast amount of the population can’t afford enough food, toilet paper would be quite low on the priorities list.

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  8. @ FrugalFergie:
    That is funny, thinking about your parent’s bidet. But it might not have been used instead of the TP for them. Remember I thought the bidet was only for washing the ‘lady bits’ so it might have just been your mom using it.

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  9. Here is another tip to save trees while saving money on plumbing bills. Don’t wrap your used sanitary products in wads of toilet paper and please don’t flush them as they can plug up your home plumbing or damage machinery in sewage treatment plants . Sometimes they escape the sewage system during heavy storms and pollute fresh water and finally end up on beaches where they endanger marine wildlife. Try using single-use biodegradable bags to dispose of items like tampons, applicators, condoms, Q tips, personal wipes, etc.. Check out a new product on the market that helps you maintain a hygienic environment in “the lieu” while protecting our shared environment. For more information and free samples check out the Scensible Source website

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  10. Roll it Rite is a green product that helps save money and the environment. An average family of four can save up to $200 or more per year using the product, which also results in saving trees, water and waste in our streams and landfills.

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  11. It may be an eco friendly concept but I just can’t fit into the cloth wipes and hands techniques. Its all about habits and habits truly are hard to die. I think as far as these methods are hygienic any method is fine but trying to save money by not being hygienic may get you sick and spend more instead of saving.

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  12. I am afraid that there is a terrible misinformation about the use of the bidet (especially in the US as it seems)
    I am Italian. Here we have a bidet in every house and nobody would ever think to live in an house without one.
    The important point to understand about bidet is the following (please repeat with me):
    The bidet is not a substitute for toilet paper at all!

    You first clean yourself carefully with toilet paper and only afterwards you clean yourself even more with the bidet and a towel (and possibly soap).
    Bidet is just a matter of hygiene, it is not for saving paper, water or any other natural resource.
    Bidet is also very important for women’s hygiene (it is used the other way around).
    I encourage everybody outside of Italy to try it. You really feel clean and at ease after you use a bidet.
    Once I lived in the US for one year and the absence of the bidet was really annoying (I had to take an half-shower every time I went to the toilet)

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    • Thanks for your insight on this. I currently use a baby wipe after using toilet paper and while I am sure it does not compare to washing with a bidet….I do feel better than when I just use toilet paper only.

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