‘Frugal’ Tips That I Will NOT Try: Cut Dryer Sheets In Half

This blog is mainly about how I find ways to save money and I have tried a LOT of different things in the past. I read other blogs to look for tips on things I can do to reduce my expenses so that I can work on reducing debt and building wealth.

I have found a few frugal tips out that have been great and there also a few that really freak me out!!!! I decided to start a little series of Frugal Tips That I will NOT try so you can get a better idea of some of the things I think are too extreme.

One of the tips that I will not follow is to Cut Dryer Sheets In Half. I think that for me this is a really ridiculous thing to do in order to save a little bit of money. First of all we don’t NEED dryer sheets….I went through college not using them and did not notice that much of a difference in the clothes. I really only use dryer sheets now because I like the scent!

Dryer sheets are basically cheap per sheet (no I will NOT calculate the cost of an individual sheet!!!!!!), especially when I use coupons or ECBs from CVS. I sometimes throw in TWO dryer sheets in one load of laundry!!!!!

Living on the edge here!

I will not cut a sheet in half to save money because I think that sometimes we can go too far in trying to be frugal. Do YOU cut your dryer sheets in half?

Author: Lulu

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  1. Nope, wouldn’t go that far. However, I have recently read from The Saved Quarter an idea on using a tblsp. of vinegar in the wash instead of fabric softener that I might try out. The benefits are not only in terms of living frugally and softening our clothing, but it also counteracts as a de-static tool. Those three perks alone sold me instantly. BUT, I haven’t tried it out yet because of course, I had just purchased a new box of fabric softening sheets the morning I read that blog post! Figures. *wink*

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    • Wow really? Now who cuts post its in half? I shudder to think of what they do to toilet paper!

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  2. I tear my sheets in half when I go to throw them in the dryer. I hate dryer sheets, but my husband loves them. If it were up to me, i would not by them and i would pretty much live iwht the static cling. My husband hates the feeling of the static clean, so we compromise on half sheets.

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  3. Nope, never! And I love it when my sheets smell soooo good. But this is a cute a funny blog. Thanks for sharing this.

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  4. Not at all. I love my dryer sheets and the way they make my clothes smell. I buy mine at Wally World so they’re not that expensive and since I get the 40 count box, they last a long time!

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  5. Glad you started this post topic Lulu. I agree that some people go way too far to try to save money. I’m all for the major decisions that save big money, but I just couldn’t be bothered to save 1 or 2 cents at a time. That is when saving truly is an obsession.

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  6. We don’t use dryer sheets – we use balls that help cut back on static but don’t add a weird smell to the clothes. When I lived alone, I did tear my sheets in half, but only because I had a small load and didn’t want them to smell super strong from a whole sheet. I do agree that this is a little extreme if you need a whole sheet.

    Another “Frugal tip” I will NOT try: hypermile driving by turning off the car as it goes down a hill!

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  7. I don’t cut mine in half and i use more than one at times as well. there is frugal and stupid.

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  8. I do not think cutting dryer sheets in half will save much money. I would probably avoid cutting toilet paper in half too.

    – Robert

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  9. All the artificial scents in detergent and dryer sheets are hideous. They don’t smell like anything I have ever smelled in nature. They make me sneeze and according to some are potentially hazardous. I buy everything unscented which in many cases are still not without scent ?? Corporations have taught the public through advertising that you need these gross scents and that they smell good. The people who claim they are not influenced by ads are the most susceptible. Also, like people who wear too much perfume, you get used to the scent and think it’s subtle. You reek and you are all corporate zombies. Sorry.

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    • Those are some strong words…but you are entitled to your opinion…thanks for chiming in.

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