LASIK Eye Surgery – My Experiences – Day 3

It is now time for me to talk about what happened on Day three of my experience. Don’t forget to check out LASIK Eye Surgery – My Experiences – Day 1 and LASIK Eye Surgery – My Experiences – Day 2 to read up on what happened first.

Step One: Waking up

I woke up to find that my eyes felt very dry and this was bad. The good thing was that I could now see. It felt strange to be able to see and know that I did not have my glasses or my prescription contact lenses in.

EyeI put some of the medicated drops into my eyes and went to look at my face in the mirror. My eyes were a little bit swollen around the edges and I had a few red spots on my eyes. This did not scare me because the doctors said that I should expect some redness and swelling.

I could not wash my face and the eyedrops that had run out of my eyes had crusted on my face. Yes I know this sounds gross but I am trying to keep it real here. I noticed that on all the other blogs and websites where people talked about LASIK no one ever mentioned not being able to wash your face.

Step Two: Taking the Lens Out

I wiped my face off with a cotton ball and went over to the doctor’s office. I got another small vision test and then the doctor looked into my eyes with a light and a magnifying glass. He said the insides of my eyes looked good and then said he was going to remove the lens.

I had to look down and the doctor pushed down on my lids and the lens popped out. He repeated the procedure with the second eye and I was ready to leave. I got another prescription for an eye ointment that I needed to leave in overnight.

Day three was easy and I went about my day as normal. My vision was a little clearer but there was still some fuzziness around the edges.

The fabulous thing is that I can now see the television from across the room. On the day after the surgery, Day Two, I could not see the eyes of the people on the television. On day three I can see the eyes and the ring of fuzziness is moving further away from the center of my vision.

The doctors said it might take a few months before my vision is stabilized but I should see improvement from week to week. I am already pleased with the progress I have seen in three days and I encourage you to come back to see what happens later on in LASIK Eye Surgery- My Experiences- Day 6.

Here are my full experiences with LASIK:

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Author: Lulu

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  1. I tagged you on my blog.

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  2. You’re going to have dry eyes for a while after the surgery. Hust make sure you keep them moisturized. It eventually gets better, but can be very annoying to deal with. Good luck with your recovery!

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  3. Yes I know. I would rather have the dry eyes though. It has been getting a little better each week.

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  4. Here I am again. Good to hear that the vision is ok already on day three. But I was a bit afraid of the dry eyes because for now, even though I haven’t underwent the lasik procedure, my eyes are dry already.

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  5. Well there is no way for me to tell you since I am not an eye care expert. You would need to schedule an evaluation with the doctor who does the exam and since they do an eye dryness test they can give you a better answer.

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