LASIK Eye Surgery – My Experiences – Day 30

I finally hit one month since I got LASIK so here are my experiences on Day 30.

I had to make the long drive back up to the city to see Dr. Boothe’s associates to get my check up. I am just happy that I do not have to pay extra for all of these post op visits.

EyeChartThe visit went pretty smoothly. I went in and did the vision test and I am happy to say that my vision is right at 20/15.

This is wonderful news for only one month out.

What is even better is that I thought I was seeing pretty great already so knowing that there is still room for improvement is fabulous.

Stop Using the Drugs

They told me to stop using the last of the prescription medicine in one day because the eyes have healed nicely. I asked about the little flap of cells and was told that it was almost all gone.

I do not need medicated eye drops to take care of the flap as the cells die out and go away on their own.

The doctor told me that I could try to ease off on the artificial tears because I did not need them any more. He said I should just use them if I felt that the eyes were feeling a bit dry but they were not mandated to be used every 30 minutes anymore.

I still have a lot of capsules left so I think I will continue using the tears for a little bit longer. My eyes do feel a little dry at times but I do not feel the need to moisturize every 30 minutes like before.

He also said that I could stop using the eye ointment if I wanted too. It is simply a moisturizer so there is no medication involved. It is very cold at night and I have to run the heater so I will keep using the night ointment because my eyes do feel very dry at night.

Pressure Check

They put in the numbing drops and checked my eyes for pressure because one of the medicines, the Lotemax, raises the pressure in your eyes.

I walked out of the office in about 25 minutes, put some eye drops in when I got to the car and drove home to Honey.

I can see very well and I must say it was WELL worth the money I am paying.

By the way I got the bill from the procedure and the payment is $102 per month instead of $150 as they had predicted earlier. I will be paying just the minimum on this account because it is at 0% interest for the remainder of the offer terms.

I have other medical bills from the time I had to stay in the hospital that I am paying for. I also have upcoming surgery at the end of February that I will have to pay for too. Those bills will not be at 0% so they are the priority here.

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Author: Lulu

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  1. i’ve always wanted to get lasik.

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  2. So what are you waiting for Miss T? Start looking around at the various options.

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  3. It has been over a year since your surgery – are you still happy with the results? I got mine done in January 2006, and I still tell everyone that I would get it done again in a heartbeat 🙂

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    • Yes Josh I am still pleased with my results. My vision is wonderful and I wake up every morning amazed at being able to see things in the room. I have a friend who gets ‘mad’ at me all the time when I can stay a few feet away from the computer and read what he is doing on it. He calls me SuperLasik.

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      • “SuperLasik”? That’s pretty funny 🙂

        Do you remember testing everyone you know with your new vision right after the LASIK procedure? I remember asking everyone I saw, “Hey, can you read that sign over there? Oh yeah? Well I can. What about that sign over there?” I’m pretty sure I drove them all nuts for a while!

        It’s hard to explain the excitement of going from wearing glasses all of your life to being able to see without any work whatsoever.

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  4. Hi, I have also been contemplating for a lasik procedure for quite a while. I am 26 years old and my last check up that I had, the optha said that I have 225L and 175R eye grades.

    Do you think it is ideal for me to have lasik now? Or probably later? Also, I do have dry eyes. I/m afraid the procedure might worsen it. I have been on glasses for the past 8 months, not so long but it was a hassle.

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    • The best thing for you to do is to have a consultation with the eye doctor as only a professional can tell you whether or not to have the surgery. I wore glasses for about 17 YEARS and my vision was so bad that I was really frustrated. If the doctor said I was not a good candidate then I would still be in contacts right now.

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  5. By the way, do you have floaters in your eyes? Coz for me I have. I already consulted an optha before to ask and he said that it was developed because of my eye grades. But sometimes, it does bothers me. I can see around 4 floaters.

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    • No I do not have any floaters…at least not that I can see…..If I do then they are very small and do not bother me.

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      • So how much was the whole Lasik with Dr. Boothe?

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