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I thought I was done with all the bills from the time I had to stay in the hospital and the time I had surgery. Well apparently the billing company was just holding its breath to see when it could kick me in the finances face one more time.

I got a bill in the mail for Anesthesia for $249.24 for the surgery from February. I really thought I had paid off all the bills and I was now concentrating on paying off the loan I had to take (well the loan someone gave me) to help pay the bills.

Now along comes this one ON TOP of the bills I have to pay to help my mother for her ovarian cancer. I know that $249 seems like a small amount now but it is a lot to me right now since I am dealing with my mother’s hospital bills.

I called the billing company and tried to negotiate with them. After a long time on the phone the best I could get was a zero percent interest payment for 6 months. I would have to pay $40 a month for the first five months and pay the balance in the sixth month in full. This would allow me to make smaller monthly payments and the hospital gets their money and won’t trash my credit score.

I am not 100% pleased with the result but it is better than nothing so I have agreed to the terms. I am going to make the first payment of $49.24 and then make the rest of the payments at $40 a month.

I guess this means I need to make some more money with this blog so I am trying to think of ideas.